What is the CONSTELLATION in Starfield?

As one of the most anticipated games of 2023, Starfield is a game that focuses on space exploration. It is not like we never had space games before but Starfield takes it to a whole new level.

We all know how detailed the Bethesda RPGs can be and when you combine a concept like Starfield with their brilliance, you are up for a full package.

With the number of Starfield news and videos that are already out on the internet, you might have heard the term “Constellation” quite a few times.

As we all know a Constellation is a group of stars that take a visual shape and is given a name. However, it does not seem like they are referring to that. So what is it? Let’s find out.

What is the CONSTELLATION in Starfield?

The game takes place way into the future. A time when humans have complete control over space exploration and settled on different planets as Spacefaring people. The “Constellation” in the game is a legendary space exploration organization. It is based in The Lodge which is located in New Atlantis, the capital city of the United Colonies.

It was founded in 2275 by Sebastian Banks with the sole purpose of unveiling the mysteries of the galaxy. In 2310, the organization acquired an Alien Artifact which was recognized as something special by Barret later in 2326. The group now focuses on finding more of these Artifacts and investigating more into their origin.

In 2328, the Constellation bought the Star Station called L-868 and modified it into a deep space scanner called The Eye.

In 2330, the Spacefarers discovered an artifact while working for the Argos Extractors. On bringing that to the Constellation, it reacts with the other Artifacts revealing itself as part of a larger device. The quest now is to uncover this mysterious device. This is where you come into the picture and the story of Starfield begins.

Now you have a brief idea about what the Constellation is in Starfield. This might help you understand the story when you start off the campaign.

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