Will EDDY be in Tekken 8?

If you are an Eddy Gordo fan you must be highly disappointed at Bandai for not putting him on the main roster. There is still a question lurking around about his existence in the game at all.

Being one of the legacy characters, I feel Eddy should have had his reveal trailer out by now. But sadly, it seems Bandai has some other plans.

Will Eddy be in Tekken 8? This guide will answer this question.

Will EDDY be in Tekken 8?

Let us first accept a simple thing here. Tekken 8 won’t be like 7 where we had so many characters. It is extremely challenging to balance all the characters as a developer and to learn as a user. They were still balancing characters after 7 years of release and some of them still broke the game.

Another way to look at it is the pick rate for certain characters. People were hardly using characters like Zafina, Bob, Gunryu, Gigas, and so on. I am not saying these are bad characters but people just did not seem to like them to be honest.

Therefore you may have to just accept the fact that Tekken 8 will not feature all the known characters from the previous game.

Whether or not Eddy will feature in Tekken 8 is still a mystery.  But if you ask me, Bandai isn’t stupid to leave out a legacy character like Eddy completely from the roster.

You may have him but most probably as a DLC. However, this is not confirmed news yet. But I feel that is how it is going to be this time around.

Comment below on what about the situation and whether or not you feel Eddy will make it to the main roster

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