Will HEIHACHI MISHIMA be in Tekken 8?

Tekken 8 is perhaps the best Tekken game I have ever played. I did manage to snipe a CNT code from Bandai Namco and I could assure you that the game feels absolutely amazing.

The Tekken series is based on the story of the Mishimas. We have seen these dudes return countless times from the brink of death and have managed to grow stronger every game.

With Kazuya throwing Heihachi off into a Volcano in Tekken 7, the biggest question remains whether or not we get to see him return in Tekken 8.

Well, this guide answers your question.

Will HEIHACHI MISHIMA be in Tekken 8?

Heihachi is undoubtedly one of the fan favorites of the Tekken community. The old man hits like a truck and has always been one of the main characters of the Tekken franchise.

It is not the first time we have seen someone getting thrown from a cliff in Tekken. Both Kazuya and Heihachi managed to stay alive from a similar situation in the past.

However, the last time one of them was tossed off a cliff was into a volcano and it does not seem very realistic for the person to have survived.

Heihachi fans were shattered when they saw the old man die in the series. And there were literally no indications about Heihachi returning in the next game.

So will he make it?

There isn’t any official answer to this but if you ask me I would say no.  If Heihachi manages to return it would only end up being comical and the seriousness of the story would be thrown off a cliff too.

I don’t think the old man would make it in the Tekken 8 story. However, Heihachi Mishima has an incredible fanbase that Bandai wouldn’t want to disappoint.

There is a possibility that the character might make an epic comeback through a DLC. We have seen a lot of legacy characters return in Tekken 7 as DLC and the same might be true for Heihachi.

This is Bandai’s way of giving the fans what they want. The only difference is that you just need to pay the extra bucks. There is no confirmation as of now. Instead, a prediction that might help answer the big question of his return.

Well, that is all you need to know about Heihaci’s return in Tekken 8.

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