Will LEO be there in Tekken 8?

Tekken 8 is perhaps the most awaited Tekken game ever. We are yet to receive news on the release date of the game but from what I experienced during the CNT, this game will undoubtedly be one of the best titles in the franchise.

Apart from the release date, one of the biggest questions that all of us Tekken fans have in mind is the roster. People want to know if their mains would make it to the main roster or not.

I am a Leo main myself and it confuses me whether the character will even be a part of the Tekken 8 roster.


Will LEO be there in Tekken 8?

Leo Kliesen is a much-loved character in Tekken. A lot of users get confused about Leo’s gender since the character was regarded as a girl back in Tekken 6 and a boy in Tekken 7. Also, the fact that Leo has both male and female customizations in Tekken 7 makes it even more confusing.

While some people refer to the character as “they” it will be more correct to say that Leo’s gender is ambiguous. It seems like Bandai wanted us to love a character irrespective of gender and that is all the more reason why there is a possibility of Leo making it to the next game.

The Tekken 8 Roster was leaked a few days back and there were a lot of doubts if the leaked picture even made sense.

Surprisingly it did when Bandai decided to reveal Azucena (top row 4th from left) and Raven (top row 1st from left) on the 7th of August during EVO.  The fact that they looked exactly the same as in the picture really proves that the leak was genuine.

If you look closely you can see Leo sitting there on the extreme right side of the top row of the roster.

There is no confirmation about this yet and it could easily be someone else. But I am pretty sure that the character looks very similar to Leo.

Well, that is all we have as of now to prove that Leo might return in Tekken 8. I really hope they do a character reveal trailer for Leo in the future.

Comment below on whom you think the character might be in the picture above.

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