Will THE FINALS Beta Progress Carry Over to Main Release?

The Finals is undoubtedly the best FPS game I have ever played and that is saying something. With games like Counter-Strike 2 and Call of Duty as competitors, The Finals is already making its mark in the industry.

With breathtaking visuals coupled with extremely fast-paced gameplay, the game also gives you a bit of the Apex Legends vibe.  Overall, The Finals is a huge success already, and making it Free To Play is the boldest move so far.

The Beta Playtest for the game is currently underway and people are wondering whether their progress will carry over to the main release.

If you are amongst these people, we have got you covered. This guide will explain everything in detail.

Will THE FINALS Beta Progress Carry Over to Main Release?

The Finals grants you access to a free 16-tier Beta Battlepass that gives you cosmetic items. They also let you start with 10,000 in-game currency which you can use to buy skins and stuff from the Store.

However, the question is whether your progress carries forward or do you lose everything after the 5th of November and start from scratch when the game is officially launched.

Well, there is good news for you all. Whatever skins and cosmetics you unlock in the Beta will carry forward to the main release. This is actually a well-planned move by the devs who want you to play the game longer. Wiping out progress would only reduce the overall player base that you can potentially develop during the beta.

There are two in-game currencies in The Finals. One, which lets you buy stuff from the Store and the other one called the VRs, lets you unlock Equipment in the game. Sadly, your unlocked equipment will not carry forward to the main release. So you would basically have to grind VRs and unlock every piece of equipment all over again.

Well, that should clear any doubts regarding the progression from The Finals Beta to the main release.

That is all on, “Will THE FINALS Beta Progress Carry Over to Main Release?

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