Will there be Online Career Mode in EA Sports FC 24?

Ultimate Team might be the most popular game mode but trust me there are tons of people who still enjoy playing Career Mode. EA Sports FC24 will be introducing a lot of new features in the Career Mode this year which we are going to talk about.

The Manager Mode back in the day used to be super fun until they started changing every little thing about it. The Career Mode that we have now has lost a lot of its popularity as a result. FC24 looks to bring back this game mode with some interesting changes and additions.

We will also be talking about the rumor about an Online Career mode and whether or not EA will be implementing that feature this year.

Will there be Online Career Mode in EA Sports FC 24?

It seems like EA will be trying to get people to play Career mode again. I remember playing this mode for hours without even a hint of stress. Unlike Ultimate Team which only leads to frustration for several reasons.

There had been a rumor about EA introducing an Online Career Mode. It could have been the first time such a thing might have happened. However, there is no official confirmation about an Online Career mode from EA.

From what we have learned from the trailer, the mode will feature a lot of new features but there was no reveal about an Online Career.

Like every year we will be getting two career modes

  • Player Career
  • Manager Career

Player Career would let you experience the career of a single player.  You will now be having a Player Agent who will be looking out for better opportunities. Probably would try to set you up a career in the best clubs. You could possibly hire better agents to help you sign for even better clubs.

A “reinvented Personality system built around the all new PlayStyles” probably refers to your character’s personality traits and how he behaves on and off the pitch.

There will also be a new First Person Mode, “Play as Player” Cam, that could make the game more immersive than ever. 

As for Manager Career, these are the only things that we know as of now:

  • Star rating for Managers that could make a difference in training, performance, and overall management of the team
  • The new Touchline Camera would be the highlight of the mode where you could experience the match from the eyes of a manager on the sidelines.
  • New Match Ready Training for chalking out a gameplan and focusing on key skills and attributes of the players.

However, there is no mention of an Online Career Mode or anything related to that.

Perhaps they would say something later on when they do a deep dive video for the modes.

We would definitely have all the questions answered when EA drops this video.

You can follow EA Sports FC24 news and updates on their official Twitter account.

That is all you need to know about whether we are getting Online Career Mode this year in FC24.

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