WWE 2K22 – How to Break Table | Tables Match Guide

This guide will help you break tables and win Table matches in WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 – How to Break Table | Tables Match Guide for Consoles and PC

WWE 2K22 is pretty impressive both visually and gameplay wise. Although the customizations do lack a bit this year in creation mode but the overall game is really good.

Lets talk about the Tables match and the changes they made this year. The Dudley’s were the god of Tables match. I remember getting up in excitement when Buh Buh Ray used to shout out “Get the Tables” to D-Von. I knew then we are in for treat.

In WWE 2K22 you can play the Tables upto 6 men in ring through a Table Tag match. The rules however for a Tables Match is pretty simple. You just have to put your opponent through a table and that is it.

How to Put Opponent through Tables in WWE 2K22 :

Tables were also a part of the match type TLC which included Ladders and Chairs too. However putting your opponent through a Table in a TLC match did not give you the win. It always feels so satisfying putting someone through a wooden or the Announce table. It is even more satisfying in WWE 2K22.

But if you are struggling with Tables then this is what we are here for. this is what we have to do:

First pick up the table pressing the “Pick Up Object” button on PC (” U ” default key) , LB for the Xbox and L1 for the PlayStation. Now press the “Heavy Attack” button on PC (K being default key), A on Xbox and X on the PlayStation, to set up the table.

Now grapple the player using the Grapple button (L) on PC , Circle on PlayStation and B on the Xbox and press U/L1/LB to drag him to the table and lean him against it. If you have a finisher , land one on him. This would turn out to be a Table Finisher. You will see you superstar slam the opponent through the table if he fails to counter.

What If you do not have a finisher ? No problem at all, you can still put your opponent through the table by doing a grapple move when you lean him against it.

In fact the new thing about WWE 2K22 is that without leaning the opponent against the table you can still break it. All you need to do is a grapple move anywhere near the table making sure the impact is close to the table. You can carry your opponent if you want to. and then slam him through the table.

If you want to dive from the top rope on your opponent and through the table then just flick the right stick up when you lean your opponent against the table. Your superstar would lay the opponent on top the table. Then you can climb up to the top rope and then dive right on him to break the table.

PC users would have to use the right stick modifier. Press Modifier + Block/Reversal button together. By default it should be Ctrl + I to lay the opponent on the table.

There you go, simple tutorial on how you can break tables in WWE 2K22. If the guide was helpful let us know in the comments section down below. Also follow FPS Index for more WWE 2K22 guides and content.

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  1. Thanks I actually won a tables match in two ways which was weird. The first time as Alexa Bliss and putting Natalia through the table, which was actually pretty hard. The second time was yesterday, with my custom superstar, for some reason at NXT when I put whatshisface (the usual guy who is NXT champ) through the table, the match kept going. I knew it was tables cause the ring was surrounded by tables but no, I actually won by pinfall, even though it said to win the match by putting opponent through table.

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