WWE 2K22 – How to Create Shawn Michaels Old Attire | Entrance and Ring Outfit HBK

Wish to play with the old HBK? Well, this is just the right guide for you. Let’s see how we can easily make the old Shawn Michaels Attire.

WWE 2K22 – How to Create Shawn Michaels Old Attire | Entrance and Ring Outfit HBK

I am a 90s kid and I grew up watching Shawn Michaels. I used to get so excited the moment his theme started playing.  Maybe even danced to his theme song as a kid. He has always been my favorite WWE Superstar.

One thing 2K never got right over all these years was his player model. They always kind of messed it up in some way. The 1998 Shawn Michaels model in WWE 2K16 actually looked nice. However, every other model felt rushed.

I won’t lie Shawn’s face in WWE 2K22 is still okay. What I do not understand is why on earth is Shawn so ripped. The model we have is supposed to be the 2005 model where he fought Rey. He was not at all ripped back then. It really feels weird playing with a Shawn Michael model that looks like Goldberg. 2K needs to stop over doing the muscles on the characters.

The guy is famous for his Entrance Attires. But what did 2K use for his entrance, absolutely nothing? He literally walks out wearing his ring attire which is something I would not expect. 2K had like 2 years to build a game. I guess they just didn’t bother to get attire for his entrance.

With that being said, we over here would be discussing how you create one of his most Iconic Entrance Attires.

How to Make Shawn Michaels Old Attire :

Before we jump into into the tutorials let’s quickly check some snaps I took in-game .


In order to make this you need to first go to Creations > Superstar > WWE Superstar.  Then select Shawn Michaels. He will be right next to Shane McMahon towards the bottom. The Superstars are arranged Alphabetically.

Now select  Attire and then go for the empty slot. Click on Entrance and then select Edit Attire. After that select Clothing. This will have subcategories like Head,  Upper Body, and Lower Body. 

Head :

We start off with the Hat so we select Head and then scroll down to Caps.

Select this Cap right here. It looks the closest to the original. In the Original Attire, the cap was very different and I could not find a way to make it look exactly like that.

Select a Color and the 1st Color should be Black. The 2nd Color should be Red. 3rd Color should be White.

Next, go down to Piercings and select these two :

You have to select for one ear and then click on the ” + ” button on Piercings again to add the second ear. Color all the parts Black.

Upper Body :

Now we go for the Torso. Save whatever you have made so far and select Upper Body.

Look for this attire under Jackets :

This is exactly the one Shawn wore back in the day.

Now go ahead and move to Hands (Left or Right) and select this glove :

After you select this glove for one hand choose the other hand and just select Copy. This completes the Torso.

Lower Body :

We start off with the lowers. For this, we would be saving whatever we have done till now and then select Lower Body. 

We start off with the Wrestling Tights. The old Shawn Michaels would always choose Tights compared to the 2005 Shawn who wore proper Bottoms.

Now go ahead and choose these Boots for Shawn

And with this we are done with the Entrance Attire. For the Ring Attire just use the gloves, the wrestling tights, and the boots, and would complete the entire Attire for Shawn Michaels. It would look somewhat like this :

If you want to know from where I got the inspiration for this Attire then here is a comparison between the original and the one I created.

Like I said before only the cap is different but this is the closest I could get to the original.

If you want to see how this one looks in-game then click here to see the entrance video.

I hope this guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep an eye on FPS Index for more WWE 2K22 related content and guides.

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  1. You’re really close, except Shawn never wore short boots, nor did he wear the lace up boots. But they do actually have his real boots in the game, the black and white boots that have the flap over the front and have hearts up the side.

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