WWE 2K24- How to CARRY Opponents

WWE 2K24- How to CARRY Opponents: WWE 2K24 is finally out on all major platforms and is an improvement over the last installment. Fluid animations and new gameplay features spice up the overall experience giving you the authentic WWE feel.

Are you trying to figure out how to Carry your opponent in WWE 2K24? You have come to the right place. In this guide, I will tell you how you can execute “Carry” moves on your opponent to strengthen your offense and dominate the match.

WWE 2K24- How to CARRY Opponents

The Carrying feature is extremely helpful when you grapple and throw your opponent in a specific area. You also get access to a variety of grapple moves when you pick your opponent up on your shoulder.

If you are new to the game you would probably know how to execute a Carry. However, if you are new and you have no clue how to do that, here is what you need to do:

To Carry your opponent you need to first Grapple them by pressing Circle on the PlayStation and B on the Xbox. For keyboard users, you need to press the Grapple button. Then you have to press R1 on PlayStation RB on Xbox and Climb Button on PC.

Your superstar will lift the opponent on the Shoulder Carry position which is the default Carry position. Now you can change the position by flicking the Right Stick in different directions.

  • Flick Right Stick Up  to do the Powerbomb Carry
  • Flick Right Stick Down to do the  Cradle Carry
  • Flick Right Stick Left to do the Fireman’s Carry

Or you can directly go into the Carry Position by Pressing the Left Stick in the Desired Direction along with R1.

  • Hold the Left Stick Up + R1/RB  to do the Powerbomb Carry
  • Hold the Left Stick Down + R1/RB to do the  Cradle Carry
  • Hold the Left Stick Left + R1/RB to do the Fireman’s Carry
  • Hold the Left Stick Right + R1/RB to do the Shoulder Carry

After you Carry:

  • Press the X/Square/ Light Attack button to do an Environmental Attack.
  • Press the A/X/ Heavy Attack button to Slam him
  • Press the B/Circle/Grapple button to Throw your opponent Outside (when you are near the ropes).

When Carried by the Opponent keep mashing the B / Circle / Grapple Button continuously to Escape from a Carry. 

That will be all on “WWE 2K24- How to CARRY Opponents

I hope the guide was helpful. Let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on WWE 2K24.


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