WWE 2K24 – How to SET FIRE / IGNITE a TABLE: WWE 2K24 is a much better version of last year’s game. There are so many new features and match types that the game introduced which worked well for the franchise. I have been a huge WWE fan since childhood. I grew up in the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression era and these were the times when Sports Entertainment was brutal.

You hardly see superstars bleed or get color nowadays. You don’t even get to see chair shots to the head anymore. However, WWE 2K24 allows all of that and you can go beyond extreme as well.


Remember when Edge Speared Mick Folley through a Table set on Fire? Yes, those were the days and you can re-create scenes like that in WWE 2K24. The game allows you to light up a table and run your opponent through it.

So if you want to know how you can do that, you have come to the right place.

How to Ignite a Table in WWE 2K24:

There are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • You cannot light up or set fire to a table in any match type
  • You need to specifically be in an Extreme Rules match to do that.
  • This cannot be done even in a Tables Match.

So Ignite the table you need to first get a table. To do that:

  • First head outside the ring and go close to the Apron
  • Now press L1 for PlayStation, LB for Xbox, and the Pick-Up object button for the PC keyboard.
  • Now select the Table icon and press the Heavy Attack button to pull the Table out. X for PS and A for Xbox
  • Now take the table to the ring and set it up by pressing the Heavy Attack button. X for PS and A for Xbox

To Set Fire to the Table, you need to:

  • Make sure you have a Finisher stored
  • When you have a Finisher, go near the table and you will get an option to Ignite
  • Press R2+X for PlayStation, RT+A for Xbox, and Finisher Modifier + Heavy Attack button for PC Keyboard. 
  • You will use up a Finisher slot to ignite.

To Put an Opponent Through a Flaming / Burning Table, you need to:

  • Either do a Grapple or a Running move close enough to the table so that it breaks.
  • Manually Carry your Opponent and Slam them through the fire table.
  • You can also do a top rope grapple move like a Superplex on the fire table.

So there you go, that will be all on “WWE 2K24 – How to SET FIRE / IGNITE or LIGHT UP a TABLE

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more guides on WWE 2K24.


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