WWE 2K24 – How to Win WRESTLEMANIA ROYAL RUMBLE: Struggling with the Royal Rumble match at the end of the 40 Years of WrestleMania Showcase mode? Well, you have come to the right place, as we guide you on how you can easily survive the Royal Rumble match and complete the showcase mode.


The 40 Years of WrestleMania Showcase was one of the main reasons why most people bought WWE 2K24. While some say that it was underwhelming others have a much positive review on it. The Showcase mode lets us re-live the best moments and replay the best matches from WrestleMania history. A total of 21 epic battles that you need to win to complete the mode.

However, just as you think you are done with the showcase, they throw another challenge at you. This time it is a 30 Man Over the Top Rope Royal Rumble match which can be pretty difficult to win if you are not experienced enough with the game.

Your goal is to survive and win against 29 other men from the WrestleMania Showcase to emerge as WrestleMania’s Finest.

So how do you do that? Well, keep reading to find out.

Easy Way to Win The Royal Rumble:

Firstly, you need to understand that the quicker you eliminate people, the better your chances. The more the crowd in the ring, the more the chances of a random superstar grabbing you and throwing you out of the ring.

Step 1:

Don’t lurk around the edges of the ring. The further away you stay from the ropes, the less likely you will get stunned on them. Even though you get to play a “mash for life” mini-game which often results in your thumb dying, it is still not worth all that risk. Stay around the center of the ring.

Step 2:

Don’t be greedy. Take your time to eliminate people. You need to damage them before you can try to eliminate them. If you always keep on Irish-whipping everyone, chances are they might reverse the move and eliminate you instead. Eliminate only when they have taken a bit of damage.

Step 3:

Keep your Finishers stored for high-rated superstars like Brock, Kurt, The Undertaker, Stone Cold, etc. These guys have high chances of reversing your attack or winning the mini-game. So I would recommend using a finisher on them to stun them first and then Eliminate them.

Step 4:

The best way to eliminate opponents is by Irish-Whipping the opponent over the top rope by holding down the Grapple button. Now Run towards them and press heavy attack for a shoulder knock down to eliminate.

You can also lean them against the rope by grappling them and then pressing L1 (PS) or LB (Xbox) and then either clotheslining them or delivering a Rumble Finisher on them to eliminate them instantly.

Step 5:

Take breathers. If you find your opponents fighting, let them. Don’t interfere in their battle. Just chill and regain your stamina or maybe taunt to the crowd a little.

Well, these tips would help you do better at the WrestleMania Rumble for sure. Winning it is not going to be easy but if you manage to do it, you will be crowned as WrestleMania’s Finest.

That should be all on “WWE 2K24 – How to Win WRESTLEMANIA ROYAL RUMBLE“.

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