How to Defeat Zhang Rang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How to Defeat Zhang Rang- Boss Battles in Wo Long are pretty amazing. Some of them are easy while some could get annoyingly difficult.

Zhang Rang is one of those boss battles which could prove to be difficult. Hence if you are struggling to defeat Zhang Rang in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, then this guide is for you.

How to Defeat Zhang Rang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long is a Dark Fantasy Action RPG based on the Three Kingdoms time period. The game is out on all platforms and has got some decent feedback till now.

The best about Wo Long is the combat system. A hack and slash style of combat which is pretty similar to Sekiro. There is a wide range of weapons that you can master along with spells that give you an added advantage in battle.

The world is not entirely open but is somewhat linear. Although, there is enough room for exploration I would have preferred a true open world.

Bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty have different abilities. Zhang Rang’s ability is that he can create clones of himself that would fight against you. Along with that, he will be using spells for elemental attacks on you as well which makes him quite a difficult foe to deal with.

How can you defeat Zhang Rang Easily in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty:

Zhang Rang himself is not much of a challenge. It is his abilities that are annoying to deal with. It is like fighting Naruto and his never-ending list of shadow clones. Zhang rang has low health and can be attacked easily.

However, you just won’t get to go 1 on 1 with Zhang rang at all. He will constantly keep creating a new set of clones. His elemental spells have AOE damage so try to dodge out of the way more often.

The best way to defeat this boss would be to fight him with companions. Cao Cao and Hong Jing are the best ones for this. They have a lot of health and can use Elemental spells as well. You can even get your friends to fight this boss along with you. Also, make sure you have a morale rank of at least 24.

Use a fast-swinging weapon and armor that keeps your agility at B or lower. Honestly, you would need decent armor to fight this boss.

The clones are pretty easy to take down. So, defeat the clones first with light attack combos. But, remember to keep at least 1 or 2 clones alive. This way Zhang Rang won’t summon new ones and you can easily focus on him.

When you face Zhang Rang himself go for light attack combos and end it with a spirit attack. As I said before, he is not that tough to beat. Just be prepared for more clones the moment your companion defeats the existing ones.

That is how you can easily defeat Zhang Rang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

We also have a guide for easily defeating Zhang Liang. Be sure to check that out as well.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more gaming guides.

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