Manager Career Features EA Sports FC 24

Even though Ultimate Team is the most played game mode over the years, it seems like EA is focusing a lot on Career modes this year. Online matches can become stressful and this is where the Career Mode shines.

There is always an element of fun in the Career mode. Even though it is offline but there is so much to do this year that I doubt investing all of my time grinding in Ultimate Team.

Here are some of the key features of the Career Mode of EA Sports FC 24.

Manager Career Features EA Sports FC 24

EA is introducing a concept of Tactical Vision this year where managers will have their unique Play Styles or Tactical Styles. They have tried to incorporate how Pep, Klopp, and other great managers across the world manage their game plans.  However, you can still add a touch of your own style to the teams once you take control.

More Coaches:

The best managers in the world rely on their coaching staff to bring their tactics to life“. This cannot be more true as the manager alone cannot shape the entire team. There are several coaches who help the team grow and train them accordingly.

This is what EA is including this year. There will be many coaches this year who will be focusing on certain aspects of the game.

Your player attributes will grow depending on how you are training them and the quality of the coaches you have.

Training Plan:

Training Plan is basically setting up your Tactics for the game and making sure that your players are playing at 100%. You need to keep them Sharp, which means they will have certain attribute boosts in the game.

Your coaches will decide how much a boost the player might get on their attributes and their Sharpness will decide the actual boost they get in the game.

It is also worth noting that you just cannot keep them at max Sharp level. This will affect their fitness. So you need to strike a balance between the two.

Pre-Match Reports:

This feature will be crucial in setting up a game plan. The Pre-Match Report will showcase the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent for the upcoming match. As I said before, EA will be introducing the original tactical style of managers across the world. So if you are up against Real Madrid, be careful on the counterattack.

Use the Pre-match reports to understand how they play and set up your gameplan or Tactical Vision accordingly.

Match-Day Training:

Match Day training will be essential in strengthening your gameplan. For example, if you are going for a plan that includes crosses, you can easily train your players through the appropriate drills to boost their crossing and heading attributes.

If you want your players to focus on defense, you would want to run defensive drills to help them develop that play style.

New Camera Angles:

EA is also introducing new camera angles to help you enjoy the match simulations. For example, we have the new Touchline Camera that allows you to view the game from the eyes of the manager himself

And there is also the new Stands Camera which lets you enjoy the game as a spectator.

All these new features would certainly make Manager Career worth playing and I cannot wait to try it out myself. As of now, this is the extent to which we know about the mode.

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I hope this guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on EA Sports FC 24.


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