Player Career Features in EA Sports FC 24

It started as “Be a Pro” back in 2008 and today we have one of the most well-defined Player Careers in the history of football games. I love this mode as you get to control a single player and take him to the top of the table.

Player Career in FC24 lets you enjoy brand-new features that redefine you as an individual. In this guide, we will be talking about the new features of Player Career for this year.

Player Career Features in EA Sports FC 24

Along with the Manager Career, we also have the Player Career that lets you control a single player. You make the decisions for the player and pave the way for him to become a legend of the game.

Player Agents:

This year we get to see an Agent who helps you get to your goal. You tell him what you want and where you want to be and he will guide you accordingly. This is a new feature and it makes your career look more realistic.

There will be certain objectives and milestones you would need to complete before you get to sign a contract with your preferred club.

Personality and Play Styles:

A redesigned Personality trait seems to be better than what we used to have before. It now focuses more on Play Styles. Every Personality Tier will have different Play Styles that you can use and your Play Style will depend on your Personality.

When you reach the highest Personality Tier you will unlock Play Style + which boosts your in-game effectiveness to another level. Imagine dribbling like Neymar and shooting like Messi as one of your signature abilities would become World Class.

Well, these are the new features that we will be having this year in FC 24. There is a lot more to the mode than just these two features. So far both the Career modes in FC24 look promising.

Check out the new features of Manager Career in FC24.

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