Will EA Sports FC 24 be on Game Pass?

EA Sports FC 24 is the first EA football game that will not feature the branding of FIFA. Users are excited as EA managed to grasp a lot of attention from their recent gameplay and career mode trailers.

There are tons of new features in the game that looks promising and probably testing the patience of the fanbase. As we wait for the game to officially release by the end of September, there are a lot of questions running in the minds of the users.

One of them is whether or not EA Sports FC 24 will be a part of the Xbox and PC Game Pass. Therefore in this guide, we will be talking about this in detail.

Will EA Sports FC 24 be on Game Pass?

The Game Pass membership lets the users of Xbox and PC enjoy a collection of games without actually buying them. All you need is a subscription and if the make makes it to the Game Pass list, you get to play it. However, the game stays in your Library until the subscription ends.

FIFA games did make it to the Game Pass before but never at launch. They normally add the game after 7 to 8 months of its release.

This could probably be a business strategy that lets users buy the next game at launch once they enjoy it through the membership for free.

The interesting fact over here is that the Game Pass now comes with an EA Play membership as well. This gives you access to certain EA games that will be a part of the EA Play List.

So users will be able to play FC24 at launch or to be precise, they could actually play it from the 22nd of October. However, they will only be able to enjoy the 10-hour trial version of the game that is allowed through EA Play.

Users can enjoy the full game after it makes it to Game Pass (maybe after 8 months) or they would need the EA Play Pro membership. But it is highly unlikely that EA Sports FC 24 would be added to Game Pass at launch.

There is no confirmation of this news yet. We are only predicting this based on our previous experiences. We are yet to know if FC 24 will be on Game Pass at launch or after.

Here is a guide know more about the benefits of playing FC 24 through EA Play and EA Play

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