WRC 9 – Best Graphics Settings for FPS boost / Performance Guide

Changing in-game graphics settings always makes a huge difference in the performance of a game. There are certain options that when tweaked properly will give a good boost and at the same time would not degrade the visual quality too much.

WRC 9 – Best Graphics Settings for FPS boost / Performance Guide

Let’s see how we can change the game settings to get a smoother experience with WRC 9 and yet keep its visual depth to some extent :

Display Settings :

  • Window Style- Fullscreen
  • Resolution- Native (Monitor resolution)
  • V-Sync- Off
  • Refresh Rate- Native (monitor refresh rate)
  • Screen Selection- Depends on the number of screens
  • Physics Simulation Synchronization- Low

Graphics Settings :

  • Shadow- Low
  • Lighting Quality- High
  • Texture Quality- Medium
  • Texture Filtering- Medium
  • Particles- Low
  • Visibility Distance- Medium
  • Vegetation Density- Low
  • Terrain Quailty- High
  • Crowd Density- Medium
  • Water Quality- Medium

Post Process Settings :

  • SSAO- Medium
  • Reflections- Medium
  • Bloom- On
  • Anti Aliasing- TAA
  • Depth of Field- On
  • Color Grading- On
  • Vignette- On
  • Sharpen-Medium
  • Motion Blur- Off

These settings will definitely help you improve performance and retain visual depth at the same time. Feel free to experiment more with the settings to see what suits best for your system. Enjoy the game.

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