WWE 2K24- AMBULANCE Match Guide

WWE 2K24- AMBULANCE Match Guide: Remember when Kane challenged Shane McMahon to an Ambulance Match back in Survivor Series 2003? Yes, that was the first time this match was introduced in the WWE, and is considered to be one of the most brutal match types in the history of Sports Entertainment.

The Ambulance match makes its return in WWE 2K24 and if you are looking for a guide, here is one for you.

WWE 2K24- AMBULANCE Match Guide

The Goal of the Ambulance match is to beat up your opponent, throw them inside the Ambulance, and then Shut both doors to win the match. But it is easier said than done. WWE 2K24 made this match look more realistic as you play a mini-game when the superstar shuts the door. It often reminds me of the struggle these superstars went through in real life when they wanted to shut that door.

How to Throw the Opponent Inside the Ambulance:

Here is what you need to do:

  • To Open the Ambulance Door you need to Press L1 (PS)/ LB (Xbox) when near it.
  • Now you can either Carry your Opponent towards the Ambulance. If you want to know how to carry, here is a guide.

  • To throw the opponent inside the Ambulance, press the Light Attack button, Square (PS) / X (Xbox). 

  • You can also Irish Whip the opponent towards the Ambulance door and then Flick the Right Stick Up as they rest against it to throw them inside.
  • Then Press L1 / LB to start the mini-game.
  • Keep mashing the buttons you see on the screen. If you complete the game you will be able to close one door.  Repeat the same thing for the second door.
  • You would also have to play the same mini-game when the opponent is closing the door.

How to Climb and Throw Opponent from the Top of the Ambulance:

If you wish to make the match more dramatic, you always have the option to climb the Ambulance.

  • Just go near the ladder and press R1/ RB to climb.
  • Wait for your opponent to climb as well.
  • You can perform moves on top of the Ambulance as well as throw your opponent off it.

  • To Throw your opponent from the top just carry them to the ledge and press Square (PS)/ X (Xbox).
  • You can also dive on your opponent from the top of the ambulance as they lay on the ground. Just move towards the edge and press X (PS)/ A (Xbox).

Well, that will be all on “WWE 2K24- AMBULANCE Match Guide

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