How to Win with Williams in F1 Manager 2022

This guide will help you understand how you will manage things for team Williams in F1 Manager 2022 so that you could get the best possible results.

How to Win with Williams in F1 Manager 2022

Finally the first installment in the series after the licensed manager game since F1 Manager by EA Sports. This title does have some huge expectations from the dedicated F1 fans and they are quite living up to it.

F1 Manager is developed by Frontier Development and is the official racing management simulation game of the 2022 Formula One, Formula 2, and Formula 3 Championships.

The amount of technical details this game throws at you is huge and its pretty normal to get lost and not have a clue of what to do next.

Here is a guide on which team you should start the game with. With that being said we are here to understand how you could manage team Williams which is perhaps the weakest team in the game.

How to Manage Williams in F1 Manager 2022 :

Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited, currently racing in Formula One as Williams Racing, is a British Formula One motor racing team and constructor. It was founded by former team owner Frank Williams and automotive engineer Patrick Head

F1 Manager 2022 lets you pick from 10 teams. Some of the teams like Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull are already well developed and there is not much to do to be successful with them. However, the real fun is always with the weakest teams.

When you lead a weak team to glory the feeling is a lot more satisfying. Williams is considered to be the weakest team in the game mainly because they have the weakest car and a pretty tight budget. Expecting a lot in season 1 would be foolish as you need a lot of time to get the upgrades.

So this guide is for those who are ready to take on a challenge and lead the weakest team in the game to glory.

Upgrades you need early on :

Firstly the most important thing that you need to do on a regular basis is to check your emails or rather the Inbox. This is where you get to know what is happening and what you should be doing next. You get hints and important information as well.  Unless you are a veteran and know exactly what to do next you might as well check your emails every day.

If you want to know where the team stands in the group. Well here it is :

  • Season Objective: 9th Place
  • Long-Term Objective:  Points contender
  • Starting Budget: Low
  • Car Performance: 10th place or Last
  • Drivers :  Alexander Albon (81) and Nicholas Latifi (73)
  • Staff Performance: 9th place
  • Headquarters: 7th place

If you look here you will be able to understand that the worst thing about the team is their car. Its a racing game and the worst thing they have is the car. In other words, you have to do some really hard work working with this team.

Most of the upgrades you should do early on would be related to the car and its performance.

Go to Facilities < Car Development Facilities

Over here you would have to spend $ 10 million on upgrading the CFD Simulator

Next up upgrade the Design Center and this would cost you $8 million 

Staff Management :

Next, you would want to scout some new staff. For this go to :

Staff > Scout Key Staff 

Your weakest staff would be the one for Head of Aerodynamics, David Wheater. So go to Scout Key Staff and select Head of Aerodynamics and then look for any good staff with 85 or higher overall.  Maybe Diego Tondi from Ferrari. Now selected Detailed Scouting for 30 days.

You can also scout for your Technical Chief. Keep an eye on high-rated free agents.

Car Projects :

The next thing you would want to do is to start off with the right car project. Go to :

Cars > Car Parts Development > New Project

Over here you would have to choose a part you want to develop. I would say go for the Front Wing first. Slow cars will never be able to outdo faster cars in top speed. So working in Cornering and building up Low Speeds might help you a lot in the race.

Since Williams gives you a horrible car, developing the Front Wing first would not be such a bad idea. Hence select Front Wing.

You would be getting this screen.

Max out the CFD MAU Hours and Wind Tunnel Hours to 6.3 and 84 respectively.

Now select Continue.

Focus Preset should be Low-Speed Performance. Select Continue.

On the next screen, you would have to select the number of Engineers and Approaches.

Set Engineers to 6 and Approach to Normal.

This will cost you around $ 805k. Yes, you would be almost out of funds but these upgrades are really important if you want to get off to a good start.

Race Management :

The most important thing here is the part before the actual race, the practice sessions. Never simulate the practice sessions. Always manage it yourself. Williams give you a very weak car. Simulating will only result in poor performance and you would end up at the bottom.

This is not Ferrari that you could depend on the AI. You have to buckle up and take all the responsibilities on your shoulders.

For Car Setup, we have just the right guide to building up maximum driver confidence. Do check it out for the details.

Keep running practice laps until you are familiar with the setup.

Put on Hard Tires for your first race in Bahrain.

During the race, you could control the Pace, Fuel, and ERS for each driver or you can choose to go Automatic. I would suggest not going Automatic.

Increase the Pace to Attack when you feel you could overtake the car in front of you. But do not go all out all the time. Also, make sure your fuel management remains positive.

Now, it would be extremely tough to actually win the race. You will be lucky to even stay out of the bottom 3. So do not be depressed. Have faith and carry on.

It would be literally impossible to explain a full season or multiple seasons with Williams in a single guide. You should always remember there is not one way to success. There are some effective ways and some little less effective.

For Williams, you have to keep in mind that you need to upgrade two of the worst aspects of the team. The Car and the Staff. Start over with researching once the next season’s regulation changes are confirmed. Build more on Cornering and Low Speeds. Focus on Top Speed later.

Focus on scouting more staff. It is not necessary that you would have to get the highest-rated one. As long as it is better than your existing one it is still an upgrade.

You have to manage your budget well. Lower your performance targets maybe try out Qualification Position 15th or Reach Q2 with 1 driver. You would get less money but it’s better than not achieving the non-sensible targets you receive by default.

You just need to be on the right track. And this guide is to help you understand how to deal with a weak team like Williams.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Follow FPS Index for more F1 Manager 2022 guides.

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